Whoever chooses you is an Abomination

Isaiah 41:24 (LEB)
“…Look! you are nothing,
and your work is something worthless;
whoever chooses you is an abomination….”

The issue here is that idols(paganism), who cannot speak, whom the Lord GOD mocks repeatedly in Isaiah, parallels well to today idols of relativism and progressivism.

What value is relativism, progressivism and skepticism, if it gives no knowledge and it deceives you? Therefore, how moronic it is to trust in your own creation of relativism, a god that cannot even speak! A god that gives no laws of logic or validity. What sorrows awaits you who say to your inner speculations, “wake up and save us!” To subject-less and predicate-less emotions, “Rise up and teach us!” LOL! You can overlay your relativism with rhetoric and emotions but it is a knowledge-less idol of human superstitions. Because you were creative in carving out your lifeless and knowledge-less idol, it makes you dumber for prostrating yourself and serving your own creation

18 “What good is an idol carved by man,
or a cast image that deceives you?
How foolish to trust in your own creation—
a god that can’t even talk!
19 What sorrow awaits you who say to wooden idols,
‘Wake up and save us!’
To speechless stone images you say,
‘Rise up and teach us!’
Can an idol tell you what to do?
They may be overlaid with gold and silver,
but they are lifeless inside.
20 But the LORD is in his holy Temple.
Let all the earth be silent before him.”

NLT Habakkuk 2:18-20