Religious Fan Boy Strikes again

I saw this today. In short, this is a categorical fallacy again with Christian ontology and ethics, and with Ontology on the ultimate level and the relative level. It judges a statement by ontology, when it is said as a relative statement, usually about what ought to be done. The vile of this type of Otaku (aka Fan Boy) critique is that the categorical error is applied in a “slight of hand” so that people miss it, and it makes them look sooooooo humble.

Ultimate level. God caused Oshea to believe and confess Jesus Christ. (Oshea moves white pawn to H3 to take black knight.)

Relative Level. Oshea confessed and made Jesus Lord of his life. (White pawn takes black knight).[1]

Just because the announcer at the Chess tournament says, “white pawn takes black knight,” then should I rebuke the announcer and tell him he should know better because the pawn did not move itself?

Now think about this quote below I saw today.

“Make Jesus your Lord and Savior”[2]

“This … is deceptively wrong. Jesus isn’t in heaven biting His nails longing for someone to make Him Lord. He is the Lord, seated on His throne, and He commands everyone everywhere to repent. Jesus doesn’t need to be made Lord and Savior; He already is, and we need to surrender to Him in repentance and faith.”

I wonder if the religious Otakus[3] would like it, if I took some of their statements that were said on the relative level, but then judge it on the ultimate level? Otaku, “this is my car.” Ok, “this is deceptively wrong, Jesus owns everything, even your car. What you need to do is repent and have faith.”

And it is odd that the Otaku talks about, “surrendering to Him,” but is this not “deceptively wrong,” because we only surrender by our Lord’s sovereign control? But I digress.

Also, as Vincent Cheung points out in, “Accept Jesus Into Your Heart,” the Bible has no issue speaking this way on the relative level.  In fact, Jesus says that the mountain “will obey you.” I thought the wind and the waves, and mountains only obey God’s voice? Or is it because God commands us to wield His strength and authority as our own, and that God in His sovereignty makes creation heed the voice of faith? Will the religious Otaku judge Jesus Christ in the same way they judge others, since Jesus was the most extreme repeater of statements like, “your faith has healed you”? Since they are rebuking the followers of Jesus for saying similar phrases as the Master said, then Jesus cannot escape their rebuke.



[1] I got this initial idea of a chess game from Vincent Cheung. See, “There is No Real Synergism.”

[2] Now some charismatics will likewise make an invalid conclusion from such a phrase (or one’s like it in the Bible) and say we have free will relative to God. This is false, but the point is that such statements are not about ultimate level causality, and so neither side is able to deduce ultimate level ontology from it. For such, one must go to passages that do. The reformed otaku is making the same invalid mistake they are accusing the Arminian charismatic with, but they are more sleight of hand and sleazy about it.

[3] Got the specific phrase “religious otaku,” from Vincent Cheung.