They are Terrified of God’s Compassionate Will

I was just thinking about Isaiah 53 and Matthew 8:17, and how compassionate God is to directly mention healing as a blood purchased gift—for faith to have anytime—when it is only a temporary blessing for this time. As Vincent Cheung likes to say, in the next life we will have a new body, not a healed one.  What an amazingly kind and compassionate God we know.

It is true those who reject faith-healing do in fact step on the blood of Christ as a small thing, but it also shows how little they know about God’s character. They miss out on God’s Character now; yet, the Bible says now is the acceptable time, and now is the day of salvation. They miss out on something that is only acquirable in this lifetime. But healing is the bloodshed gospel of Jesus Christ. Thus, it seems they missed out on the gospel entirely since they already belittled Jesus blood and God’s character.

The more I think about it, I believe they actually fear the gospel of Jesus Christ rather than love it; for God’s love casts out all fear. Why do they fear God’s forgiveness? Why do they fear not being healed, if they had been perfected by God’s love? If they say “God’s will,” then it means they are terrified of God’s will (decree), in a bad way; in the way the reprobates and devils fear it. Because, (as Vincent[1] points out in Isaiah 53, healing and forgiveness are both blood purchased benefits in the ministry of Jesus as a High Priest), it means if one is rejected, then logically the other must be rejected; both are made reality by the same blood and payment, at that definite time and place.  They are terrified of the grace of God. God’s compassionate Will makes their blood run cold; and thus, they will not have God’s compassionate will. They mirror the Israelites who were afraid of the promise land, flowing with milk and honey, and God gave them their wish. They did not enjoy the milk and honey. Like Joshua, those who God’s love drives out all fear, and who believe God’s compassionate promises are His Will for them, are those who partake of the fatness of the gospel.


[1] Vincent Cheung. Science and Sexuality. Found in the book, “Backstage.” 2016. page 16.