What about Faith, Abraham & Jesus’ Commandments?

Some moron on TGC wrote an article asking and responding with:

So, can we learn to do miracles? No. God does miracles whenever and through whomever he sovereignly pleases.

His focus was about the “gifts” in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, and the already but not yet divide. But he ignores faith God Covenant with Abraham and Jesus’ commandments. I keep telling myself, these people can’t get any dumber and wicked, right?

The last part about miracles is simply a horrific abuse of God’s sovereignty. It is like saying, “God saves whoever and whenever He sovereignly pleases.” This is true, as far as it goes on Ultimate Level ontology; however, Jesus and the Scripture does not speak on this level most of the time. They speak mostly on the relative level.

Paul says in Romans that whoever and whenever someone calls on the Name of the Lord, they will be saved. Jesus says over and over, “your faith” has saved you and “your faith,” as healed you. That is, I can say to any person, if you have faith in Jesus Christ and His message, then you will be saved; no exception. The Scripture does not appeal to God’s sovereignty here, but faith in His words. The Scripture does not say that you can have faith, and still not be saved. The same is with healing and miracles. If you have faith for it, you will have what you ask for; no exception.

The “gifts” are just one method for the miraculous, and in fact, the “gifts” are spoken of in Scripture as a minority compared to other methods, such as normal everyday faith. Paul says in Galatians 3 that miracles are available by faith through the prehistoric blessing of Abraham, which Jesus qualifies the Elect for. This is now, not later. Did not Martha say, “I believe Lazarus would be resurrect at the last day”? Is this not fantastic theology? Would this not be graded with an A in school? Did the Apostle John mean for our “believing (John 20:31)” in the resurrected Jesus merely be a resurrection for another place and a later time? Yet he recorded in his letter how Jesus rebuked Martha! He rebuked her answer! And if you are still wicked and dumb enough to still say it, then God’s rebuke is for you too. How many miss this point. He said the resurrection is here, and it is now, “if you believe.” The spiritual gifts have nothing to do with this; they are not even in sight. It is about Jesus, and He is here now. He is available now by faith, and though him the blessings of Abraham are now. Yes, even the resurrection is available now for faith. In fact, Jesus said he healed a woman on the Sabbath, “because” she was a “daughter of Abraham.” Again, no gifts anywhere in sight. After Peter healed the man in Acts 3 with faith, he tied this to Abraham’s ancient blessing and faith. Again, the gifts were not attributed; rather faith in Jesus according to Abraham’s blessing was.

Jesus in John 15 says it is a command for you to obey the Father and bear much fruit. Two things are mentioned as fruit. One is to love each other. This is often preached because people like this sort of thing, and it is a pragmatic that even non-Christians can sometimes mimic and get behind. However, you never hear Jesus’ second point preached. It is only something faith can do. It is God’s way of distinguishing and marking a person with His personal approval, rather than man’s. The second point Jesus focuses on, is to ask anything in faith and receive this anything. This is said 4 or 5 times in larger passage. Jesus Christ says, by this you “prove” you are my “disciples.” That is, not super apostles, not filled with “gifts,” but that you “prove” you are normal saved disciples of Jesus, if you love each other, and ask anything thing and receive anything. This is proof for normal discipleship of Jesus, and not gifts. If the fruit of normal Christ discipleship has not ceased, then miracles have not cased. If no miracles, then no proof of discipleship. This is Jesus’ words, not some guy on TBN.

Charismatics focus on the gifts too much. Even if the gifts have ceased (which they have not), by faith I can have all what the gifts promise anyway. Therefore, cessationism is logically non-relevant. As Vincent Cheung says, “They are pointless.”

Can faith be leaned? ” Consequently, faith comes by hearing, and hearing through the word about Christ (LEB).” All faith can be learned, corrected and matured.  Since miracles  come by faith, and faith can be learned, then mricaled can be learned.