Time is Helpless Under the Onslaught of Faith

I happen to stumble on this Kenneth Copeland video, (partly wondering if he is as bad as the heresy hunters say). For a 25-minute video, I did not see a single obvious error. Some awkward statements, which would need to be further clarified, but no direct heresy. I do recall (when my grandmother used to watch TBN) some errors relating to arminianism he said; and so, I cannot recommend him.[1] However, I wish to only speak about one topic his guest, Bill Winston, said. The video is called “Faith Override Times,”[2] and at (20:00) Bill says something to the effect of, “if you pray looking through time (as an immovable presupposition, versus, looking through faith), then you are looking through the veil of the curse.”

I am not sure that is the best way to say it; however, the point made is a good starting presupposition when considering faith and God’s promises. For those who know how to analyze presuppositions, both as a public system and personally through God’s word, then you should know what I mean by this.  This is like what Vincent said at the end of, “Christian’s Self Definition.”

…. You may complain that it is impossible to approach anything, including the Christian faith, without bringing to it our own backgrounds and presuppositions. This is true. But if you are a Christian, then you are a new creation in Christ – you have a new background. And if you are a Christian, then the Bible commands you to renew your mind – get a new set of presuppositions. Reorient your thinking, and enthrone Christ in your mind as the reference point by which you define yourself and everything else. Then, you will find it impossible to approach anything apart from your Christian background and presuppositions. Only then can you be assured that you have a firm grasp on your identity as a Christian.[3]

Paul says in Galatians 3 that there is no curse in Jesus Christ. He took on our curse for us, in our place. This is one reason why Jesus was healing so many people. Getting past, the nature of God is revealed as immeasurably compassionate (Psalm 103, Jesus’ incalculable healings out of compassion), and that healing is bound up in Abraham’s blessings as an unbreakable covenant (Galatians 3, Luke 13:16), and that healing is bound up in the High priest sacrifice and intercession (Isaiah 53), we will focus on this point of the curse.

God’s curse in Genesis 4 included that the ground will work against us. That is, this physical world, including our bodies, will age, corrode and even work against us as we attempt to use it. Time was not an issue for Adam and Eve before the curse of death. Time did not work against them; rather, it was for them in the sense they did not grow old and die. And thus, the curse of death is applicable to time as well, for we age and die by the curse. Then on top of this, are the curses in the Mosaic Covenant. The curse of the law included things like cancer, tumors, mental illness, skin disorders, chronic illness and all sort of defective body disorders.  In fact, these curses included any potential aspect of death, corrosion and deterioration for, Deuteronomy 28:61 (LEB) says, “Also any illness and any plague[a] that is not written in the scroll of this law, he shall bring them, Yahweh, upon you until you are destroyed.

Time works against us, as every minute more of the curse of death drains our life away. Then the curses of the law multiply this and speed it up even faster.

However, for those who have been credited with Jesus’ righteousness, are also grafted into His endless power of life. This life has much more to do with now, than most perceive. Martha tried the “now, but not yet,” theology with Jesus Christ. However, Jesus rebuked her for it. When Jesus said He was the resurrection and life, He did not mean it as only spiritual now, and all physical later. Jesus criticized her “not yet fallacy,” by implying and showing that His resurrection is reality, and it is now.

People who are made morons by their wicked unbelief are always striving to push Jesus’ life, resurrection and power, to another time, to a different place and in another covenant. Jesus and the New Testament repeatedly do the opposite. Jesus said the blessings of the old Abraham covenant was for this time and this place when He healed a woman on the Sabbath. He said she was a daughter of Abraham, and that this was the basis for the healing (Luke 13:16, Galatians 3:5). It was not a sign but God doing His covenant. God cannot lie. He promised blessing, and so God does it. Then there is that infamous Gentile woman who took healing from Jesus even though Jesus told her she was in the wrong time for the healing to be applied to her (Matthew 15:27-28). The healing was available; however, it was available for a later time. Yet, her faith made it right anyway for now, not later. The time of the healing was sped up because of faith. Peter tells us Joel’s prophecy is for here and now (Luke 24:49, Acts 1:4-8, 2:17-18). Jesus over and over says that healing is the “now” part of God’s kingdom, for those who have been predestined with faith.

If we start with faith in God’s promises and word, then time is not merely an immovable neutral presupposition; but rather, it is for God’s Elect. This is like Jesus saying the Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. Time is for man, and man is for Jesus, and Jesus is for God. Reversely, reprobates under the curse, are in effect made for the curse of time and death (as vessels of wrath), to magnify how all things (such as time) are for God’s chosen ones as mercy and goodness. For the Elect under faith, time is for them. Faith does not look through this curse anymore, because Christ was a curse for us. The old man was forced to see all of life through the curse. God’s innate knowledge makes it impossible for man to escape the fear this knowledge brings. Man tries to suppress it, but God keeps reminding them. Therefore, Paul says in Romans 8:15 that the old man was in slavery to a spirit of fear. When the mind of man is forced to see all of life through the veil of the curse, then fear is the appropriate response, for indeed man is damaged, defective and ruined. God makes sure they are reminded they are under His commands, which they violate. The curse is in them, and all around them; there is no escape for them by their efforts or speculations.

Sadly many so-called Christians still habitually look at things like time, through the veil of the curse, rather than through the veil of Jesus’ life and promises.  Many look at time with a spirit of fear and cry out, “woe is me, look at all this against me.” They resign to live with curses, the same ones Jesus’ precious blood was spilt to remove. The resign to be comfortable with their rebellion and unbelief, and even go so far to encourage others to participate with them in their disobedience.  They are mere fanboys, rather partakers of the good news. Those with God’s Spirit look at time and shout, “help me Father, make this work for me,” and their Father is all to happy to do so.

In Christ the curse is removed. We are commanded to assent that we have died with Christ, along with all curses He endured for us. We are to reorient our mind where He is at God’s right hand. He lives in endless power of life; we are identified with Him there. This life is a total life. It is a life of the intellect and spirit, but also of the body and all reality, including time.

Therefore, if faith wants to upgrade a blessing, as the Roman Centurion did, then they can. Jesus was already going to his house to perform the healing. It was coming soon. Yet, because of the man’s “great faith,” Jesus did it there and now, on the road to his house. The slave was healed before they got back. Luke 7:9-10, “And when Jesus heard these things, he marveled at him, and turning around to the crowd that was following him, he said, “I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such great faith!”  And when they returned to the house, those who had been sent found the slave healthy.” Faith pushed up the time scale. Faith is not under the curse of time; rather, time is under the boot of faith to serve it, and be for it.

All Things are yours. 1 Corinthians 3:21-23, “So then, let no one boast in people. For all things are yours, whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas or the world or life or death or things present or things to come, all things are yours, and you are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s.” Past, present and the future are ours through faith in Jesus Christ. This is more than a neutral position, but a positive working position. Time is for God’s people. Thus, James in chapter 5 of his epistle moralizes past examples of Job and the prophets for us in the present.

When there are areas of bad health, in one sense it is like death sped up in those affected parts. Thus, when there are healings, this clockwork of death, that was sped up in the body, gets dialed back in time. Death is reversed. With something like healing, the world witnesses the Kingdom of God, now.  The curse is reversed in the body. Time is literally dialed back. Intellectual light is dawned (or at least testifies) in the mind of man about the good things of God.

There are obvious examples of time being supernaturally altered by faith. Isaiah in 2 Kings 20, prays in faith and the shadow on the sun dial goes back 10 spaces. Joshua commands, in faith, for the sun to stop moving and it does.  When most would have whimpered looking through the veil of the curse, that there was not enough time in the day for the army to fight, Joshua through the veil of faith knew even time must give up its power. Jesus said that nothing was impossible for those who have faith when they ask. How many times must the Scripture repeat this?

Joshua’s mortal body was strengthened by his faith in God. He felt at 80 the way he did at 40. The clock of time was dialed back 40 spaces/years for him. Time is helpless under the onslaught of faith. Samson’s mortal body was strengthened due to His faith in God.  According to the Scripture, this made Samson’s name unworthy for the world to know it.  How much strength did God give Paul’s broken mortal body? How much healings and empowerments of his mortal body did Paul continually have? How many times did death get dialed back for Paul? Even Jesus received strength for His mortal body after He fasted. Jesus received supernatural strength for His mortal body to walk on the water.  Elijah? His mortal body was transported so much it appears, that those around him automatically assumed such a stance. King Obadiah was worried saying, “I don’t know where the Spirit of the Lord may carry you when I leave you,” (1 Kings 18:12). Philip, the New Testament table bearer also had his mortal body transported by the Spirit. How much time did it spare Philip to be instantly transported from one location to another? Both space and time were dialed back for him.

For those with faith, for those who can assent to the truths of God’s promises, will find a whole new world of possibilities open to them. They find a God who is a total resurrection of life. They find a God who is here, not over there. They find a God who is now. They find a God whose Covenant is for them today. God gives strength both to the mind and body. He dials back the time and the curse. They are identified with Christ’s life. Thus, they assent to live as Christ does, which is to the Father by the endless power of life through the Spirit.

The veil in the temple put God in a different place from man, and pushed God into a different time, for the Hight Priest could only go there once a year, the rest of the “time,” he was not permitted. The veil in the Holiest of Holies was torn because of Jesus was not only our curse for us in our place, but also our blessing. The place is here, and the time is now for those who believe in God’s promises. Martha is gone, and so is Lazarus. But Jesus, who is the resurrection and life, is still here.



[1] I am only focusing on his main theology teaching, and not if he owns too many jets. Job was a very wealthy man by God’s sovereignty. James called this extreme wealth to Job as “mercy and compassion.” If we could put Job’ wealth in today’s terms, what would it be, 100s of millions? But I digress.  Most so-called Christians would never term double health and wealth as “mercy,” but the Scripture does.

The only comment I would make is this. If the wealth came as tithes and offerings to be used in “ministry of the word,” or kingdom work, then it would seem to me that using the wealth on a fleet of jets might be better used in other ways. We will all give an account to God one day.

[2] “Faith Overrides Times.” Link ( https://youtu.be/6RZPvr2P7xQ )

[3] Vincent Cheung. “The Christian’s Self-Definition.”

Found in, Reflections on First Timothy. 2009. Page 7.