The Core Gospel Damns Cessationists as Trash

Jesus triumphed over the world, and those born-again, also do the same thing. John says that Jesus has triumphed over the world. This is an all encompassing triumph, just like the abundant life of God is for all parts of our lives, both spiritual and material. All negative aspects of this life and world, Jesus triumphed over it, to replace it with goodness and favor for us.  Satan, sin and death were defeated by Jesus’ finished atonement. Both the curses of the fall, and the curses of the Law, which included all forms of sickness, poverty and life working against you were defeated by Jesus Christ. God does not know how to lose. This life of winning is mirrored in God’s children, because God’s very nature is in them.

The curses of the law included “all” sickness and diseases for the entire world. Jesus became our curse for us, so as to give us the blessing of Abraham. He defeated the curses of sickness, in substitutionary atonement. In addition to becoming our curses Jesus removed all forms of sickness, according to Isaiah 53 in a substitutionary atonement, for He “bore” (the word used on the Day of Atonement for substitutionary atonement) our sickness, and also by the exchange of His stripes we are healed.

Thus, for our healing, Jesus endured substitutionary atonement in three different ways. Healing is therefore the gospel, if not more so than forgiveness of sin; or at the very least as much so. Therefore, to say healing on demand of faith is not the gospel, is to trample the blood of Christ. To reject gospel is to teach a doctrine of demons.  It is to be anti-gospel, anti-Christ, and anti-sovereign God. Those who deny healing is the gospel, ought to be excommunicated immediately. People who often deny healing is the gospel are usually those who claim to be experts on such things as God’s absolute sovereignty and covenants; however, if they cannot understand and believe the most basic ideas of the gospel, then how can they claim to know doctrines beyond the basic level? Which explains why they are intellectually defective when trying to teach about God’s sovereignty and covenants.  Their minds mirror the intellectual brokenness of reprobates.

The logic of Modus Tollens shows us if you deny the necessary effect of a antecedent, then you deny the antecedent. Thus, if you deny healing by faith, you deny the blood of Jesus Christ. It does not matter what the effect is, if the bible teaches it is a necessary effect and you deny it, you have invalided the blood of Jesus as trash. This the same with the bible as a whole. If you deny one truth claim, then you invalided it as a whole for a starting point for knowledge. You just kissed Christianity goodbye. The same with the atonement. If you reject forgiveness of sins, healing, Abraham’s blessings, Baptism of Spirit, miracles, and prosperity you logically denied the gospel as a whole.

Some make a big deal about dividing so-called secondary issues and the core issues of the gospel being the important ones we must affirm. They say those who deny this core gospel (Whatever that means), by teaching another one are “accused” as Paul says in Galatians. The Scripture does not make such a divide. But for sake of argument let us assume it. If the gospel (the things Jesus’ substitutionary death and resurrection accomplished) is the core doctrines, then by definition those who deny healing on demand of faith, are teaching a different gospel. They are accursed. They are trash and spiritual filth. As Paul said about those who deny the gospel and its effects, they teach a “doctrine of demons.” Jesus said those who reject His message were “morons,” and bastard offspring of Satan. Jude said false teachers,

          “blaspheme the things which they do not understand; and the things which they know by instinct, like unreasoning animals, by these things they are destroyed. Woe to them! For they have gone the way of Cain, and for pay they have poured themselves into the error of Balaam, and perished in the rebellion of Korah. These are the men who are hidden reefs in your love feasts when they feast with you without fear, caring for themselves; clouds without water, carried along by winds; autumn trees without fruit, doubly dead, uprooted; wild waves of the sea, casting up their own shame like foam; wandering stars, for whom the black darkness has been reserved forever.”

Thus, let their own standard condemn them as the trash they are. They are a cult of demons and death. Do not wash your hands with such people.

Then they pose a false dilemma and say that the promises of God, from the Father who “knows that you need all these things,” in fact aim too low and promise too little, but that they would look toward the “higher” promises instead. This is a pious-sounding excuse for a rejection of the blood of Jesus Christ. If you castigate the explicit promises of the gospel as too low, too unholy, too worldly, then you are no longer a Christian preacher. You are preaching some other gospel, and some other religion. Look! You can only push so far until you are proved a reprobate.[1]

The Bible uses God’s sovereignty to explain why some people cannot have faith in the gospel, and therefore cannot receive the promise of God (John 6:44, 65, 10:26, Romans 9:18). They are doomed. They will not be saved. The Bible never uses God’s sovereignty to teach that some people could have faith in the promise — but because of the will of God — still cannot receive the promise. God withholds faith from the reprobates, but he never withholds faith to his chosen ones, and he never withholds his promise to those who have faith. … Therefore, the more someone claims that he does not receive the promise of God because of the will of God, the more he insists that he is reprobate, made for damnation, and reserved for everlasting torture in the fires of hell.[2]

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