This is how God treats reprobates

On Twitter I saw a post of Kenneth Copeland by a Deformed, I mean Reformed guy, mocking him being a speaker at a Trump rally. The sheer amount of ridicule and amount of posts mocking Copeland was staggering, even for Traditionalist who have been mocking and killing Christians since they killed Jesus and the prophets and apostles. Anyone who speaks faith and miracles must be mocked and silenced and murdered.

The point the tickled me was that their mockery of Copeland’s prosperity preaching is causing him to be even more prosperous in Heaven. Look, even in the church of Satan/Sardis, there were a few who made it, and so even a few Reformed will make it. But it will be odd for them to see how their persecution of Copeland elevated him to a much higher position in heaven than theirs. Copeland has faults (his basic points of health and wealth are not), particularly most of his faults come from Arminianism; however, their persecution will make him have much greater riches than what he could have done by himself. God uses Copeland’s attackers to enrich him even more. Their mockery is prospering him and at the same time emptying out their pockets. Such rebellion rips out parts of their souls. Like in the movie, Harry Potter, every time they attack the Scripture, they horcux their souls, over and over again. They are sub-human. Their minds are less intelligent than pigs. This is God’s judgment on them. This is how God treats reprobates.