Extra Thoughts

These essays will be more like a random blog post of thoughts, that might not be–at the time–meant for a book, but might later on.

Recent Extra Thoughts.

  • Reformed Jesus Vs Health Je$u$ - Instead of trampling on God's sovereignty, casting aside Jesus bloodshed and making most of the Bible collateral damage in order to hide Jesus' offensive rebukes to you, maybe you can start by believing Him and receive His praise instead?
  • Wielding God’s strength - Because he considered God so much on his side, and so for him and so near, that Joshua did not consider it robbery to wield God’s strength as his own?
  • Who Puts Demons into Men? Yahweh - God merely picked out, one particular zealous demon, after enticing it with His original idea.
  • Father’s Day Dedication - A Good Father gives "all the things pagans seek [in wealth health], to his children. A good father gives his children whatever they want and not something else he wants to given them. A child proves God is their good father by getting from Him whatever they ask from him
  • The Most Gospel-Centered Man Who Ever Lived - This Jesus fellow, has been so duped by the word-of-faith movement that he has the audacity to make it a proof of being a born again disciple of God!
  • Blew Past the Doorway of Forgiveness in a Blazing Whirlwind - Maturity is having the strength of soul, to not merely leave the pig pin and go ask forgiveness; but rather, by God’s Spirit, to have the power of mind to receive the signet ring, and receive the BEST robe, and receive the sandals from the Father, and then march into the house with joy, with your head held high, because you belong there like a son, like a prince (Luke 15:22-23)
  • Christianity Is False, If Subsidiary Aspects Of Ontology Are Denied - Jesus Christ used a modus tollens argument to falsify the Jewish leaders claim that He was the king of demons.
  • Either Side of Abortion, Makes One an Ethical Dogmatist - If murder is condemned by God as an ethical no-no, then the murder of babies is ethically wrong. 
  • (Matt 27:40) Logically Valid, but Biblically False - To be a sound argument the form needs to be valid and the premises need to be true.
  • Scripture as a First Principle vs Final Authority - Your starting point of knowledge defines and results in what your final authority is. If our starting point for knowledge is purely God’s revelation, then the result is that your final authority will be God’s Word, without bias and defectiveness. 
  • Skepticism - it is certain that it is uncertain that there is no certainty, but again this is total stupidity and self-refuting. That is, in order to be true, it must be false.
  • What is the Chief characteristic of Superstition? - superstition is precisely (such) LOGICAL VOIDS between premises and conclusions that characterize superstition.
  • Mohler’s Poverty Gospel Promises too Little - Even if these eternal promises are superior, for example compared to a healing promise today, then it a point of non-irrelevant to the argument. It is a red-herring. A promise is a promise
  • Experience for Epistemology & Jonathan Edwards - Sometimes it is a subtle heart battle for Christian epistemology. Take for example the moments that one becomes "afraid."
  • Martin Luther- The Bondage of the Will – Commentary - If man on the lesser “relative level” is not-free to sin and Satan, or to the Spirit of Life, then how much more is man not free on the “ultimate level,” when God is the only direct cause of all things?
  • Hedging Your Prayer in Unbelief. - This man’s prayer might sound like humility in its human sophistry, but it is in fact unbelief hedging itself in because he doubts God will grant the miracle being asked
  • A Gospel Elevation Declaration, Smith Wigglesworth - There is nothing impossible with god. All the impossibility is with us when we measure God by the limitations of our unbelief.”
  • Creator – Creature Distinction ? - What this results in is this; mankind would not be able to make a valid inference if God’s thoughts and his revelation to man are the same. That is, they could not know if the Scripture is truth.