Christian Axiology



Recent Ethic Articles:

  • Predestination and Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Peter then ties both this promise of forgiveness and the baptism of the Spirit in to the doctrine of predestination.
  • Faith & Feelings of Certainty - If you “feel” fear over a besetting sin you just committed and say secretly in your heart, “I will never overcome this,” you are in practical purposes acting like an atheist, because you are concluding reality off your inductive/subjective experiences and trampling them over God’s Word.
  • “Faith Salvation” & “Faith Healing” & Accountability Roman 9:19 - It is a command to get wisdom and to get it by faith. If you doubt, then you do not get it. You cannot say, ““it’s God’s Will” for me to be in this lack of wisdom,” because God has already commanded you to get wisdom by faith.
  • Snake Basterds & Not Breaking The Law of Moses - Jesus, right after name calling the Jews as “liars,” and “Sons of Satan,” asked if anyone can prove He has sinned? That is, sinned according to the Law of Moses. They could not.
  • It is a miraculous physical reality - Thus, Jesus’ Kingdom now is referred to by Jesus as “miraculous physical, miraculous physical, miraculous physical, miraculous physical, miraculous physical and truth (which is invisible/spiritual).
  • Reformed Jesus Vs Health Je$u$ - Instead of trampling on God's sovereignty, casting aside Jesus bloodshed and making most of the Bible collateral damage in order to hide Jesus' offensive rebukes to you, maybe you can start by believing Him and receive His praise instead?
  • Ethical Morons - Utilitarian ethics make two really bad mistakes in the broad viewpoint. First is that it is a non-sequitur in the category mistake it makes from ontology to ethics. The other broad mistake is that such ethics are determined by the “end goal,” from man’s speculations.
  • Blew Past the Doorway of Forgiveness in a Blazing Whirlwind - Maturity is having the strength of soul, to not merely leave the pig pin and go ask forgiveness; but rather, by God’s Spirit, to have the power of mind to receive the signet ring, and receive the BEST robe, and receive the sandals from the Father, and then march into the house with joy, with your head held high, because you belong there like a son, like a prince (Luke 15:22-23)
  • Either Side of Abortion, Makes One an Ethical Dogmatist - If murder is condemned by God as an ethical no-no, then the murder of babies is ethically wrong. 
  • Jesus’ Prayer: God’s Command is God’s Will - If God caused(decreed) the Apostle Thomas to disbelieve Jesus’ resurrection, then necessarily it is right(ethics) for Thomas to choose to doubt what Jesus commanded him to believe. Right?
  • The Age of Bearing False Witness - There is a moral risk in trying to speak in this type of rhetoric. If this inference is in fact an invalid inference from your opponent’s premise, then you are a vile slanderer and a false witness
  • Mohler’s Poverty Gospel Promises too Little - Even if these eternal promises are superior, for example compared to a healing promise today, then it a point of non-irrelevant to the argument. It is a red-herring. A promise is a promise
  • Martin Luther- The Bondage of the Will – Commentary - If man on the lesser “relative level” is not-free to sin and Satan, or to the Spirit of Life, then how much more is man not free on the “ultimate level,” when God is the only direct cause of all things?
  • Hedging Your Prayer in Unbelief. - This man’s prayer might sound like humility in its human sophistry, but it is in fact unbelief hedging itself in because he doubts God will grant the miracle being asked
  • A Gospel Elevation Declaration, Smith Wigglesworth - There is nothing impossible with god. All the impossibility is with us when we measure God by the limitations of our unbelief.”
  • Scripture & Logic (Rom 3:3-7) Category Mistake  - Paul is logically doing two things here. First, he is dealing with an informal fallacy called a categorical fallacy.  Second, is to state truths concerning cause and effects (or basic Modus Ponens) arguments). 
  • The Bible is Philosophy - Systematic Theology, or Systematic Philosophy all refer to a "public system of thinking about the world." ..Peter says that Scripture reveals all the important things relating to life and godliness.
  • God Rekindles Smoldering Wicks - The Bible teaches the root cause is a non-relevant issue.   What is important is faith in God's word that is able to be victorious over demons, defective bodies and broken minds. God’s victory is a whole victory. He is the God of the hills and valleys.