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Recent Ethic Articles:

  • Biblical Politics! - How the does Bible demonstrate what is the Christian way to deal with Politics? . The disciples prayed Psalm 2 to the Father, and moralized it to ask God to give them healings, miracles and abundant spiritual powers to “judge” the government. God responded back, “It’s all yours,” by giving then what they asked. The […]
  • “God’s Will,” – Is, A Fish for Fish - Our lives are even connected right up next to the Power, because our lives are connected to the valuable Person who sits at the Power’s right hand.
  • Faith, The First Theology: “God did Say?” - This of course is foolishness to them, because they seek a human starting point, not a God starting point.
  • God is the Foundation for all Theology, even with Ethics - You cannot go beyond God to find a reason for ethics.
  • God’s Will Failed, Because of Non-faith - (~P) If God caused(ultimate ontology) the Apostle Thomas to not believe Jesus’ resurrection, (~Q) then it is right(ethics) for Thomas to not believe what Jesus commanded to.
  • The God of All Things - Rather than playing games with life, why not operate with reality and start with God’s knowledge and believe Him?
  • Be Good Stewards of Pain, Or God’s Promises? - This is an inductive argument in the form of arguing from analogy, which is invalid. [ That is, X, R, T, and F all have characteristic 1, 2, and 3. Also, X, R and T have characteristic 4. Thus, F has characteristic 4 as well. ]
  • Martin Luther- The Bondage of the Will – Commentary - If man on the lesser “relative level” is not-free to sin and Satan, or to the Spirit of Life, then how much more is man not free on the “ultimate level,” when God is the only direct cause of all things?
  • Hedging Your Prayer in Unbelief. - This man’s prayer might sound like humility in its human sophistry, but it is in fact unbelief hedging itself in because he doubts God will grant the miracle being asked
  • A Gospel Elevation Declaration, Smith Wigglesworth - There is nothing impossible with god. All the impossibility is with us when we measure God by the limitations of our unbelief.”
  • God Rekindles Smoldering Wicks - The Bible teaches the root cause is a non-relevant issue.   What is important is faith in God's word that is able to be victorious over demons, defective bodies and broken minds. God’s victory is a whole victory. He is the God of the hills and valleys.