No one is that dumb and evil, right?

Dude: “People in the church have made too many mistakes personally to me, and just mistakes about things in general; therefore, I have abandoned the church and God. The Bible does not necessarily mean truth.”
Me: Ok? Let us play this game with other aspects of reality and see how that works out?
“My math teacher made 16 adding mistakes; one of those were on grading my homework; therefore, I have abandoned the idea that math is correct, or that, 2 + 2 = 4.”
No one is that dumb and evil? No. Wait. Maybe they are.
Its sad people do not play that silly game with any other aspect of reality, but they do so with God and His Word. They will not have an excuse before the Throne of Power.
Logically speaking, this is in the general fallacy of a point of non-relevance. It is type of ad hominem fallacy.  People’s mistakes have no necessary connection to the argument. Even without taking a logic class people know this because they do not play that game with math, for example, they only become that debasingly stupid and wicked when God is in the picture.