Father, Give us our Eschatology Bread

Joshua and Caleb marching in the promise land is an illustration of eschatology, particularly with how Vincent clearly defined it with “expansionism.” How did Caleb look at the kingdom of God expanding?

“…the people of the land, ..are our bread;

their protection has departed from them, and the Lord is with us.”

If Jesus taught how to pray for our daily bread, then Caleb has also taught us how to pray for our eschatology bread. All reprobates, (whether by conversion, or by defeating them in intellectual, moral or spiritual power) and devils, and all thoughts against Christ, are our eschatology bread. God is with us, but He has departed them.

Jesus saved us, as he saved Moses and Israel from the Egypt. But when it came to the promise land, He instead gave them His promise and put a sword in their hand. Jesus has done the same with us. He has armed us with the baptism of Spirit in our right hand, and a faith that can move mountains in our left, and a promise engraved on the tablet’s of our soul.



Vincent Cheung’s definition on expansionism.