God does not Listen to Sinners

“We know God does not listen to sinners.” -Former blind man

Jesus, not the WCF, but God’s test of orthodoxy is asking for whatever you want and then getting this from Him (John 14-16). This is something only children and insiders and do. It is not something the religious traditionalists can mimic by washing the outside and not the inside. No. This is an outside proof of orthodoxy God has put into place. God has been kind to us so that we have an easy test to know if someone is an outsider or insider of the Contract made by His Son’s blood.  Some things the traditionalist can mimic, but as the former blind man testified to the traditionalists in the Sanhedrin, “we know God does not listen to sinner,” thus they cannot perform this test of orthodoxy. They do not get answers to their prayers, because they have no faith, and they have no faith because they are sinners and outsiders to God’s Contract blessings.

This is why men have conspired against God to form their own creeds and garbage test of orthodoxy in the WCF. Their trash level orthodoxy protects them from having to be insiders to God’s convent and from the embarrassment to prove they belong to God. Their test of orthodoxy is an intellectual a@#-wipe, their doctrines are demonic.

This former blind man still testifies today against all the trash level orthodoxy that the traditionist use to expel and persecute those who follow God’s test of orthodoxy.  This former blind man will one day testify against all traitors to God’s orthodoxy. He will point his finger to many famous and historical so-called heroes of the church and say, “we know God does not listen to sinners.”


For more reading see the master’s desk. “Predestination and Miracles,” by Vincent Cheung.