Sub-human Animal Dumb

“The… female ostrich…
Indeed, it leaves its eggs to the earth,
and it lets them be warmed on the ground,
and it forgets that a foot might crush an egg,
and a wild animal might trample it.
It deals cruelly with its young ones, as if they were not its own,
as if without fear that its labor were in vain,
because God made it forget wisdom,
and he did not give it a share in understanding.”
(Job 39:19-17 LEB)
“These people criticize things they don’t understand. They do understand some things. But they understand these things not by thinking, but by feeling, the way dumb animals understand things. And these are the things that destroy them.”
(Jude 1:10 ERV)
It seems the ostrich is not the only creature God did no give understanding to. Like the ostrich who gets its eggs destroyed due to its dumbness, false teaches share the same fate of stupidity and destruction. Notice how God, through Jude, describes humans He made in His image, as not just dumb, but sub-human animal dumb.