Word of Faith

We have the same Spirit of Faith.” -Paul

Psalm 116 is all able David being in trouble, then calling out to God and then God saving him. This is the same Spirit of Faith that Paul said he has, and by extension, we have.

 I believed when I spoke, “I am afflicted greatly.”
 I said in my haste, “Everyone is a liar.”

“I was brought low, but he gave me victory. Return, O my soul, to your repose, for Yahweh has dealt bountifully with you. For you have rescued me from death.”

I love him, because Yahweh has heard the voice of my supplications. Because he has inclined his ear to me.” (Psalm 116:10, 7-8, 1-2 LEB)

Consider David in Psalm 31

“Blessed is Yahweh, because he has worked marvelously his loyal love to me in a besieged city.

As for me, I said in my [haste], “I am cut off from before your eyes.”

However you heard the voice of my supplications when I cried to you for help.”

David feeling the pressure of fear and in “haste” says something that is not a faith declaration of victory, “I am cut off.”

But then in Psalm 31 David calms down and asks in faith for God to rescue him. He has confidence God will do so. One quick lesson we learn from this is that a faith declaration is stronger than an unbelief declaration said in haste. Sin is strong but the Spirit is stronger. Unbelief can cause you not enter the Promise Land, but faith is still stronger.  If you haven’t committed the unforgivable sin, then hope and victory are still yours for the taking. God is stronger, and the Saints are given, even commanded, to walk in God’s power and might! There is nothing to hard for God, and thus, there is nothing too hard for His chosen ones.

In further context of Paul’s letter to the Galatians, we know the same faith that Abraham had, to receive miracles and blessings, is our same faith and miracles. The SAME Faith and certain outcome of miracles and blessings. Thus, Paul in more than one way teaches how the Old Testament faith that produced miracles is our same faith today, if not more so because of God’s contract in blood through Jesus Christ.

Thus, wee see Paul teach the “Word of Faith,” and “Name it and Claim it,” doctrine.

But what does it say? “The word is near you; it Is in your mouth and in your heart,” that is, the message concerning faith that we proclaim: If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you [declare] your faith and are saved,” Romans 10:9-10.

We believed in our hearts that Jesus has forgiven us and so we spoke, or declared with our mouths it to be truth. We name it. We name ourselves as forgiven and righteous in God’s sight, through Christ. We claim it by faith. By faith we save ourselves. By faith we heal ourselves.

It is a logical point of non-relevance that God is the direct, absolute and only real cause of all things. It is irrelevant that God is the metaphysical author of sin and evil, when discussing our will, our declaration and faith to be saved, because God is not what He creates (the bible denies pantheism) and He has commanded us to do these things. He talks to us on our level and expects us to respond to Him on this same human level that He is engaging us on. To ignore this, is to ignore God. 

According to Jesus, in context of salvation (Luke 7:50) the most God-centered man who ever lived, this means “your faith has saved you.” Jesus is God, so He must knew He is the one who “ultimately” saves her, right? I mean, the theologians know this, because every chance they get, they remind us of this. But why is it that the most God-centered man, never reminds us of this, or very rarely reminds us of this? Why does the most God-centered man speak in contradictions to what the theologians emphasize? Did people back then perfectly knew and excepted the absolute and direct sovereignty of God, and this is why Jesus hardly ever mentions this emphasis? Of course not. They sound so different because Jesus and the theologians teach a different gospel, a different God-centeredness and different God altogether.

Naming and Claiming, is the inheritance of the children of Abraham. In fact, it is with Abraham that the bible introduces the doctrine of God declaring someone righteous in His sight. God declares Abraham righteous in His sight after Abraham declared he believed God would be faithful to do all the good things He promised to do, including making Abraham’s name great, blessed, and supernatural health.

God then said his new name is “Father of Many Nations.” Thus, Abraham lived a life of constant “Word of Faith declarations,” and “name it and claim it.” Every time he used his name or introduced his name to someone, it was naming something that did not exist, and claiming that it does exist. Imagine the long years of Abraham’s servants hearing this.

Imagine Abraham is about to introduce himself to a new neighbor, and servant A says to servant B, “here he goes again.” How many years has it been, since he has been claiming to be the “father of many nations,” while he is childless and in his 90’s? Servant B. “Well, he’s a good master, and so I will gladly follow him, but his “Word of Faith” declaration of things that do not exist and cannot exist is delusional.”

But we know how the story ends. We know how Abraham kept “naming and claiming it,” until what did not exist, did exist, and Sarah conceived Isaac.

Our entire gospel, doctrine of imputed righteousness, and blessing all started as a Word of Faith declaration. The promise, the gospel and the blessing of Abraham still stands today (Galatians 3), with the certain outcomes of the Spirit and miracles. We prove ourselves to be true children of Abraham, if we have the same faith. Yes, the same Spirit of faith that names and claims things that do not exist (a healed body) and bring them into existence. How can one claim to have the same faith as Abraham, if they never do Word of Faith declarations? There are many promises with certain outcomes of victory, thus, we ought to be “Naming and Calming” all the time, so that we can at least have some of these many promises.

Many live in a habitual animalist feeling of haste and fear. These are the same ones who mock the Word of Faith guys. Yet, they daily Name and Claim things all day long. The only difference is that they declare themselves, sick, suffering and afflicted by God’s will. Yet, these are the things God reserves for reprobates. Sure, it is possible for born-again saint to be handed over to Satan for the destruction of their body so that their soul might be saved. Yet, but this is an exception, and we are not commanded by God to strive to be like that. If you make this rare expectation your goal, don’t be surprised if you end up in hell.  These critics make it their goal to outdo their peers in how much they can “Name and Claim” the title reprobate.  They are the ones in agreement with the 10 elders who gave a bad report in unbelief. They are animalistic in their reasoning. They confess what they see, touch and experience as a contradiction against the promises of God. They declare based on what they see.

We confess the Word of Faith, in the promise of God, not in what we see, feel, touch or experience. Let us confess all the more, knowing the outcome is certain victory. God is pleased with such faith. God is pleased with faith that expects Him to richly reward. Let strive to outdo each other in trying to please God more, by seeking more rewards and greater rewards in our Word of Faith confessions. Let us Name and Claim so many promises of God that we become heroes of faith. Let our names be worthy, so that the world is unworthy to speak them.  Let our names become too valuable for these reprobates to pronounce them on their filthy lips.

The truth is that a child who daily confesses Psalm 23 with faith, who Names and Claims this, is 100X better than 90% of theologians and Christians and 10,000X more than any cessationist. 

Christ has already bore your sins, sickness, and curses on the cross. He has already declared you righteous, and deposited your healings, blessings, and prosperity in a warehouse with “your” name on it. Speaking on the human level, your healing is not with God, but has already been deposited to your account. It’s already yours. Faith is the request order to get what belongs to you. Stop begging God, as if you are a reprobate outsider; rather, march in the warehouse like a prince and let Jacob take possession of his blessing. The devil will scream at you to not go and get your stuff; he will often do this through cessationist and people of tradition. He will tell you, you are not worthy, you don’t have the right paperwork, and God doesn’t like you. The truth, it is the devil, traditionalist and scholastic cattle that hates you. Let me tell you what love is. You did not love God, but God loved you so much He gave His only Son to be a wrath bearing atonement to save, heal and bless you.

The Father loves us so much that He has predestined us to bear much fruit for healing, prophecy, and miracles. He answers our prayers excessively beyond that we ask or think. This is the Word of Faith I read in the scripture, and it is the word of faith upon my lips.