“God’s Plan is to answer Your Plan”

I saw this quote today,

“do not pray for God to bless your plan; rather, pray for God’s plan.”

If this was the case, then there would have been no enlarged tent for Jabez(What does this have to do with “gospel centered? “God blessed Him anyway.), no healing King Hezekiah, no son for Hannah or Elizabeth, no healing for the Gentile woman, no rain from Elijah and etc. , etc..
How many people did Jesus not approach, but they went to Him, with their plan for God to heal them? Hundreds? Thousands? The scripture records that Jesus healed “all” who came to Him. That is, there was a 100% chance God blessed their plans, when faith was involved. Jesus says to pray and never give up in regards to God blessing your plan.
God’s plan for you is simple. God’s plan is that you—in your everyday life business and difficulties—pray for your plans, through the promises, and get them by faith.
If you don’t do this, you are disobeying and deviating from God’s plan for you. Jesus says, you “prove” you are His true disciples if you pray and get anything (including your plans) you wish by faith. (John 15)
This is true humility. True humility starts with epistemology, which is God’s revelation. It commands us to submit our wants to Jesus and get them in faith (John 14-16). Not doing this is pride and arrogance.  Humility is submitting our plan (to get healed for example) to God in faith in His promise, and God giving us our plan. Not doing this is pride and arrogance.