Let God’s Favor Be On You, as it is in Heaven

May your Kingdom come soon.
May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” (LEB Matt 6)

Deduction is an application of knowledge. It is the necessary inference from premise to conclusion. If the premises are true, then the conclusion is true. Deduction does not manufacture new information, not already in the premises, and magically puts into the conclusion like all induction does. If Paul says in Romans 3 that, “(1.) All humans have sinned.” Then I can say, “(2.) Oshea is a human; thus, (3.) Oshea has sinned.” This conclusion is what the Bible asserts, because the information in the conclusion, “Oshea has sinned,” is contained in the Biblical premises, “All humans have sinned.” Deduction applies this knowledge to the specific, or points out a small part of information that is already part of the bigger part that is affirmed in Scripture.

When Jesus instructs us to pray, “Your will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven,” this is obviously meant in the broad category of all things about God’s will being done in heaven (which is done without opposition of demons and unbelief and lack of ability in those who are His), to then it being done on earth. If there is a focus about this, it would be about Jesus’ focus of ushering in the Kingdom of God by defeating the devil in both spiritual and natural victories (both forgiveness and healings, healings, resurrections (etc.)).

An appropriate application (or deduction) of this is how this relates to us. Our lives are in heaven, hidden with Jesus Christ (Colossians 3:3). Thus, to pray for God’s will which is in heaven, reminds us that our lives are in heaven, at the right hand of the Power, in Christ.

Think about the actual prayer that follows. Surely, Jesus is giving words to pray that will usher in God’s Will being done on earth? What does He say?  Jesus teaches us to pray, “gives us our daily bread, and forgive our sins.” The first two things Jesus teaches us to pray for after asking for God’s Will to be done on earth is for OUR spiritual and material blessing. Since few seem to disagree with God wanting to bless us with spiritual things like forgiveness, we will move on to the other point, “our daily bread.” Some super-duper pious people might think that daily bread about our bear minimum food requirements, but this would be both an intellectual and spiritual mistake.

When we do systematic theology to make sure we are not contradicting other parts of the scripture on the same subject, we read Jesus in the same Sermon saying, “Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we wear?,’  for the pagans seek after all these things. … seek first his kingdom … all these things will be added to you,” (Matt 6:31-33). Jesus teaches that He will give us the material blessings the “PAGANS” seek. The pagans do not seek the smallest possible amount of food, clothes and houses. Jesus wants us to seek His righteousness and by this receive what the pagans want. Thus, receiving our daily bread and God’s will being done in this context is not less than praying for God to help us seek His righteousness, not worry and receive the material abundance that the pagans seek. The prayer is that God is the power and ability to give us this prosperity by His favor, and not by mere human effort. This would make Genies in movies blush, for God is giving wish, after wish, after wish, after wish, without end.

God’s will in heaven, for His Son is to overtly bless His Son with favor (aka “love) and blessings. And so, to pray for God’s Will to be done on earth, is to pray for God to overtly bless us with love (or for us this favor is, “unmerited favor/grace”) and blessings. Sure, it means more than this, but not less than (this is the important part). So, when you pray for God’s will to be done on earth for you, as it is in heaven, remember your life is already in heaven in Christ, because God thinks so. The foundation of being favored is God, not something else. God thought about it, made it a reality in Christ’s atonement, and now considers your life in Christ, at this very moment. This is God’s world, and He does what He wants, and this is what He has done with you. Remember, God is super-abundantly favoring Christ in Heaven, and you are there with Him. For God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, is to have God’s favor rest on you as it rests on Christ in heaven.

Oh what love (favor) God has shown us, that we should be called children of God.