I AM a Grasshopper?

The Bible never calls Christians “sinners” and never calls their hearts “idolatry” or “deceitful” referring to their life after regeneration.

Stop belittling yourself for nothing, you fool! The power for holiness that the Spirit has placed in us is much greater than you can imagine.

Andre De Mattos Duarte

Andre is correct.

We are never labelled as sinners in the bible, that is, those who are born again. We are called children of God with God’s “seed” or “nature in us. We are told if our nature is “sin” and we wilfully practice it, we are not from God, but Satan (1 John 3-4).

The Corinthians who had so many issues, are labelled by the Apostle Paul as those who have inherited life, death, time and the entire world. Paul’s says they will one day judge angels. He labels the people, whose behavior is (in some areas) human and sinful, as “saints,” “new creations,” “reconciled to God,” and the very “righteousness of God.” He says they are “God’s light,” “God’s righteousness,” and “God’s temple.” He never says they are the worst of sinners. He says the opposite. He says they use to be that way, but now they are something different.
Paul says the “gospel” was predestined for (not God’s glory), but theirs. He says they have the fellowship of the Son, and even have the Mind of Christ. Referring to us as a true definition (A tree is organic), the bible always labels us as Saints, holy, undefiled, light, righteousness, power and heirs etc.

Paul did say in the present tense “I am the worst of sinners.” However, it is not that simple. It is said like a label he earned in the past for persecuting the body of Christ, and to this day, no one has taken the label from him. Thus, the entire context, as a whole, shows it to be a past tense label, to which very few or none but Paul can claim. The absurdity to say this is meant in the present tense, would mean Paul presently is attacking the body of Christ in the same way he did before he was born-from-above, because that is the context for the label.

For example, if I was in the military for a few years and earned the record for the “worst parachuter.” However, I left and have been working as a butler for 50 years, and yet, after all this time my worst record still stands. If that is the case I can say, “I am the worst parachuter.” Even though I am not presently in the military, or presently a parachuter, nor have been for 50 years, I can say in the present tense (I am the worst parachuter), but it refers to the past.

Since I have the record as the worst parachuter, then no one else can claim it. If they do they are delusional and a thief. Paul says God chose him specifically, as the worst sinner, to show off His grace and power. Thus, you cannot claim it for yourself, it belongs to Paul. Christians who do this are delusional, thieves and are acting like spiritual perverts. To claim to be the worst of sinners in the present tense today, would logically mean you are presently attacking and destroying the body of Jesus Christ, or something equally damming. If that is truly you, then claim such a title so that I can avoid you. If not, then you are so delusional, I would also want to avoid you.

Why do I need to explain basic grammar to adults who say they know the bible and can discern it?

Jesus, like Paul referring to the behaviour of the Corinthians, at times would label His disciples as “foolish” or “spiritual perverts” because they could not cast out demon, but this was not a label about who they are. We all find those few sins we are more easily ensnared by, but to label ourselves by them, is to label the ministry of Jesus, His Gospel and nature with such labels. It is horrific level blaspheme. and insulting. Jesus is not a minister of sin, or sickness or any other negative thing to His chosen ones.

I always find it odd that so-called Christians want to affirm how awful they are. I am an porn-star Christian, I am a alcoholic Christian, I am a vile sinner, I am a grasshopper and they are too big (etc.).

Such a confession would logically lead back to God, and how ineffective His is at forgiving, sanctifying and empowering His chosen ones. There also could be some connection to the unforgivable sin against the Spirit, by connecting your confession of sinfulness, worthlessness, and patheticness to the Spirit who lives in the believer.

At the end of the day God gets to play with reality and define reality the way he wants. I am the righteousness of God and not that God is the righteousness of God. I’m am. I am what I am. By the grace of God. The Bible rejects pantheism, thus, what God creates and gives me, is “me,” or “mine.” I am a child of God, a prince of heaven, with free access to the throne, while other created beings do not have this access. This is me. I am what I am, by the grace of God.

When God thinks of me, He thinks I am holy; He thinks I am righteous with His righteousness, blameless, and empowered with His power; God thinks I am amazing and glorious. Who am I to disregard God unless I’m a reprobate?

That is why the word of faith confessions of reprobates is a confession in how sinful God sees them, because that who they are. It is natural for reprobates to label themselves as grasshoppers. God will see to it they die as grasshoppers in the desert, every last one of them. But the children of faith, who give a declaration of confidence in God’s promises; yes, those who confess His great promises of healing, miracles and power are true for them today (no matter how fantastical they are) God will insure they will inherit the land, every last one of them.