Christian Soteriology

  • “God’s Will,” – Is, A Fish for Fish - Our lives are even connected right up next to the Power, because our lives are connected to the valuable Person who sits at the Power’s right hand.
  • “…I will Be YOUR GOD, & you will be MY PEOPLE…” - As Vincent points out the obvious (which I had not myself considered carefully), a contract is about avoiding the whole situation of a “case by case” issue.
  • You Qualify Here & Now - My righteous Son is still here, and He is in this place right now. You are still in Him now, and with Him here.
  • God’s Will Failed, Because of Non-faith - (~P) If God caused(ultimate ontology) the Apostle Thomas to not believe Jesus’ resurrection, (~Q) then it is right(ethics) for Thomas to not believe what Jesus commanded to.
  • Lift Up Your Heads, O Gates: Starts with Metaphysics - If you created all the seas and rivers, and all things, then you own it. It belongs to you. God is this person.
  • Comments on Justification - The proof that the son has received his father's mercy, is when he puts on the best robe, ring and sandals and marches in the house as if he belongs there!
  • God Rekindles Smoldering Wicks - The Bible teaches the root cause is a non-relevant issue.   What is important is faith in God's word that is able to be victorious over demons, defective bodies and broken minds. God’s victory is a whole victory. He is the God of the hills and valleys.