As Strange as it Sounds, the Bible is For You

“I Can Do All Things Through Jesus who Strengthens Me”

Critics say this is only about suffering, so you cannot use this verse for prosperity, for example. However, Paul also mentions in context that Christ strengthens him for prosperity and good things as well.

Even if we narrow it down Paul’s own life, the “good” would include all his miracles, favor, visions, resurrections, powers and one supernatural thing after another. To teach at that school for a few years, is a supernatural success.

Thus, it would mean God gives strength for miracles, visions, resurrections, powers and one supernatural thing after another. If the critic cannot agree to at least this, then they are the ones ignoring the context.

Paul spoke how he was a shied to his churches, taking on the persecution of Christ for them. Thus, it is wrong to say all Christians should expect to suffer “like Paul.” We should expect some sufferings “for the gospel sake,” but “like Paul” is a different category. Most Christians can apply the promise of the Psalms to themselves, where it says to “seek God and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Paul was an exception to this in that God said He as called him to a specific type of ministry that will include much suffering. Most Christians are not in this type of binding ministry that Paul was in, and so some make composition fallacy at this point with Paul.

With that said, why would God, who who gave us His only Son, and who will freely give us all things, only strengthen us for suffering but not success? The Spirit strengthens us to have faith for all scripture, including when Jesus said, “whosoever believes in me, will do even greater things.” Thus I am strengthened to ask and receive all types of success and miracles. Because the Spirit was a promise of the gospel, then I can say, “by Christ.”

Also, the bible speaks of God empowering His children and promises to do so in many ways and in for all types of situations. The critics act as if God’s many promises to help and strengthen His children only apply to Paul when He suffers? How does that work? The fact is, many (if not a super majority) of the promises are for strength for good things like salvation, healing, prosperity, relational blessings, productivity in life and spiritual power and fruit.

And lastly, this whole thing can simply be dealt with one brut slap. The bible moralizes itself. (see Vincent Cheung. All Things are Yours) James moralizes Elijah to the horizon and back, and Paul does so in Corinthians 10. Thus, even if I were to moralize the text for myself to be wealthy, there is nothing wrong with it. If you are are Christian, then Paul and Peter are yours: yes, even time itself belongs to you; even the world belongs to you, that is, reality belongs to you. And as strange as it sounds, even the bible is for you to be strengthened for all things and be victorious over all things in this world.