Systematic Philosophy

Philo vs Doctrine TABLE Update 2

Table of Contents of Forthcoming Book:

1.  Epistemology.

  • First Principle, God’s Revelation
  • Nature of God’s Revelation (etc)
  • Self-authenticating starting point
  • Defective Starting points

2. Metaphysics/Ontology.

  • God’s Sovereignty/Decree
  • Creation
  • Man
  • Salvation
  • Public Value
  • Defective Metaphysics

3. Logic.

  • Logos/Deduction
  • Pragmatics/Induction
  • Defective Logic

4.  Ethics/Conclusion.

  • God’s Sovereign Command
  • Defective Ethics

The Argument or Thesis: (Positive)

This is an deductive argument made from the 4 main chapters.

Here is the basic argument for the book, or thesis statement:
B.1. IF (A.) self-authentication first principle for all of life, (B.) and if this truth regards the world you live in, for all metaphysics, (C.) and if able to apply deduction to oneself, and (D.) God has defined what man is do, (E) THEN one knows God’s Will for them.
B.2. A. & B. & C. & D.
B.3. Thus, E.
This systematic book will be mostly on the basic level, with a strong emphasis on structure. The end section about “ethics,” after attacking cessationism, might end up just as much devotional to receive the supply of God’s grace, as it is simply teaching about it.


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