Systematic Philosophy

Recent Systematic Philosophy:

  • Christianity Is False, If Subsidiary Aspects Of Ontology Are Denied - Jesus Christ used a modus tollens argument to falsify the Jewish leaders claim that He was the king of demons.
  • Scripture as a First Principle vs Final Authority - Your starting point of knowledge defines and results in what your final authority is. If our starting point for knowledge is purely God’s revelation, then the result is that your final authority will be God’s Word, without bias and defectiveness. 
  • Jesus’ Prayer: God’s Command is God’s Will - If God caused(decreed) the Apostle Thomas to disbelieve Jesus’ resurrection, then necessarily it is right(ethics) for Thomas to choose to doubt what Jesus commanded him to believe. Right?
  • Logic & Jesus Christ: The Law of Non-Contradiction - Mark 12:37, "Therefore David himself calls Him 'Lord'; how is He then his Son?" If the LoC is not an immutable motion of thinking, then Jesus’ appeal to it would mean David’s son(Jesus) is not David's Lord and is David's Lord.
  • Logic Lesson – Categorical vs. Hypothetical. James Creighton - In hypothetical reasoning, as in categorical, it is the presence of a universal principle which enables us to bring into relation two facts which formerly stood apart. Indeed, in many cases, it is a matter of indifference in which form the argument is stated.
  • The Bible is Philosophy - Systematic Theology, or Systematic Philosophy all refer to a "public system of thinking about the world." ..Peter says that Scripture reveals all the important things relating to life and godliness.