A Gospel Elevation Declaration, Smith Wigglesworth

As a child I grew up in churches were they preached on faith in God’s promises (all of them) and the gifts of the Spirit. It is here I first heard biblical arguments for such. Later on, I found Vincent Cheung gave better and more precise arguments for such, but I first heard them from the founders of the Church of God and people I read like Smith Wigglesworth. I wish I could quote these COG founders’ arguments (in a resource like a book), but they were given to me as a child in scattered preaching, and so I do not have a way to do so. I remember, for example, the founding pastor Westmore COG (Sr. Floyd Lee McClung), making the argument from Peter’s Sermon in Acts that maturity is not merely receiving forgiveness but going on to receive the promise of God’s Spirit and all the power, healing and partaking that comes from this.

Acts 2:38, “Peter replied, “Each of you must repent of your sins and turn to God, and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. Then you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit,” NLT.

Below are a few experts from Wigglesworth book, Ever Increasing Faith, and titles that I put in. Here I show the basic teaches and arguments Wigglesworth taught. Some of these arguments I still use today, and with the help of Vincent Cheung teaching, with more precision.  This older generation might not have had the precision, but their basic arguments were correct on many points.


Ever Increasing Faith.

By. Smith Wigglesworth

Do not measure God by your unbelief, or that is, by your speculations and your superstitions

“Another preacher said, “It was an easy thing for Jesus to feed the people with five loaves. The loaves were so big in those days that it was a simple matter to cut them into a thousand pieces each.” But He forgot that one little boy brought those five loaves all the way in his lunch basket.

There is nothing impossible with god. All the impossibility is with us when we measure God by the limitations of our unbelief.”

Unbelief Robs

Unbelief robs them of these blessings. It is possible to hear and yet not conceive the truth. It is possible to read the Word and not share in the life it brings.”

The Atonement produces forgiveness and healing by the same Blood

“He wants to encourage you to believe Him. If thou canst only believe, thou canst be saved and healed. Dare to believe that Jesus was wounded for your transgressions, was bruised for your iniquities, was chastised that you might have peace, and that by His stripes there is healing for you right here and now. You have failed because you have not believed Him. Cry out to Him even now, “Lord, I believe, help Thou mine unbelief.”””

….We have a Jesus that heals the broken-hearted, who lets the captives go free, who saves the very worst. Dare you, dare you, spurn this glorious Gospel of God for spirit, soul and body? Dare you spurn this grace? I realize that this full Gospel has in great measure been hid, this Gospel that brings liberty, this Gospel that brings souls out of bondage, this Gospel that brings perfect health to the body, this Gospel of entire salvation. Listen again to this word of Him who left the glory to bring us this great salvation, “Verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, . . . he shall have whatsoever he saith.” Whatsoever!

Hedging your prayer in Unbelief.

“But there was no stopping him and he went on praying and there was not a particle of faith in anything he uttered. He did stop at last, and I said, “Brother Clark, it’s now your turn to pray. He started, “Lord, answer the prayer of my brother and comfort me in this great bereavement and sorrow. Prepare me to face this great trial.” I cried out, “My God, stop this man.” The whole atmosphere was being charged with unbelief.

[ i.e. This man’s prayer might sound like humility in its human sophistry, but it is in fact unbelief hedging itself in from the fact, that he doubts God will grant the miracle being asked. Regarding life issues, Jesus never prayed like this.  In fact, it is a command by Jesus for us to receive the very thing we pray for. ]

I had a glass bottle full of oil and I went up to the woman and poured the whole lot on her in the name of Jesus. Suddenly Jesus appeared, standing at the foot of the bed. He smiled and vanished. The woman stood up, perfectly healed, and she is a strong woman today.

We have a big God. We have a wonderful Jesus. We have a glorious Comforter. God’s canopy is over you and will cover you at all times, preserving you from evil. Under His wings shalt thou trust. The Word of God is living and powerful and in its treasures you will find eternal life. If you dare trust this wonderful Lord, this Lord of life, you will find in Him everything you need.

So many are tampering with drugs, quacks, pills and plasters.  It is sufficient to believe God. You will find that if you dare trust Him, He will never fail. “The prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the LORD shall raise him up.” Do you trust Him? He is worthy to be trusted.

Elevation Declaration

“The purpose of all Scripture is to move us on to this wonderful and blessed elevation of faith where our constant experience is the manifestation of God’s life and power through us.

Peter goes on writing to these who have obtained like precious faith, saying, “Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord.” We can have the multiplication of this grace and peace only as we live in the realm of faith. Abraham attained to the place where he became a friend of God, on no other line than that of believing God. He believed God and God counted that to him for righteousness. Righteousness was imputed to him on no other ground than that he believed God. Can this be true of anybody else? Yes, every person in the whole wide world who is saved by faith is blessed with faithful Abraham. The promise, which came to him because he believed God, was that in Him all the families of the earth should be blessed. When we believe God there is no knowing where the blessing of our faith will end.

Some are tied up because, when they are prayed for, the thing that they are expecting does not come off the same night. They say they believe, but you can see that they are really in turmoil of unbelief. Abraham believed God. You can hear him saying to Sarah, “Sarah, there is no life in you and there is nothing in me, but God has promised us a son and I believe God.” And that kind of faith is a joy to our Father in heaven.”

Exceedingly Great Partakers of God, Manifesto

“Peter goes on to say, “According as His divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him that hath called us to glory and virtue.” God is calling us to this realm of glory and virtue where, as we feed on His exceeding great and precious promises, we are made partakers of the divine nature. Faith is the substance of things hoped for right here in this life. It is right here that God would have us partake of His divine nature. It is nothing less than the life of the Lord Himself imparted and flowing into our whole beings, so that our very body is quickened, so that every tissue and every drop of blood and our bones and joints and marrow receive this divine life. I believe that the Lord wants this divine life to flow right into our natural bodies, this law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus that makes us free from the law of sin and death. God wants to establish our faith so that we shall lay hold on this divine life, this divine nature of the Son of God, so that our spirit and soul and body will be sanctified wholly and preserved unto the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When that woman was healed of the issue of blood, Jesus perceived that power had gone out of Him. The woman’s faith laid hold and this power was imparted and immediately the woman’s being was surcharged with life and her weakness departed. The impartation of this power produces everything you need; but it comes only as our faith moves out for its impartation. Faith is the victory. If thou canst believe, it is thine”


Sickness- Dumb about Scripture

“It is as your heart goes out to the needy ones in deep compassion that the Lord manifests His presence. You are able to locate their position. It is then that you know that you must be filled with the Spirit to deal with the conditions before you.

Where people are in sickness you find frequently that they are dense about Scripture.

They usually know three scriptures though. They know about Paul’s thorn in the flesh, and that Paul told Timothy to take a little wine for his stomach’s sake, and that Paul left someone sick somewhere; they forget his name, and don’t remember the name of the place, and don’t know where the chapter is. Most people think they have a thorn in the flesh. The chief thing in dealing with a person who is sick is to locate their exact position. As you are ministering under the Spirit’s power the Lord will let you see just that which will be more helpful and most faith-inspiring to them.”

Healing needs compassion.

“There is a fruit of the Spirit that must accompany the gift of healing and that is longsuffering. The man who is going through with God to be used in healing must be a man of longsuffering. He must be always ready with a word of comfort. If the sick one is in distress and helpless and does not see everything eye to eye with you, you must bear with him. Our Lord Jesus Christ was filled with compassion and lived and moved in a place of longsuffering, and we will have to get into this place if we are to help needy ones.”

Elisha – Where is the God of Elijah?

“I will explain to you the most perfect way to receive the gift. Come with me to the second chapter of 2 Kings and I will show you a man receiving a gift. Elijah had been mightily used of God in calling down fire and in other miracles; and Elisha is moved with a great spirit of covetousness to have this man’s gifts. You can be very covetous for the gifts of the Spirit and God will allow it. When Elijah said to him, “I want you to stop at Gilgal,” Elisha said, “As the Lord liveth and as thy soul liveth, I will not leave thee.”

There was no stopping him. When Elijah wanted Elisha to stop at Jericho he said in substance, “I am not stopping.” The man that stops gets nothing. O, don’t stop at Jericho; don’t stop at Jordan; don’t stop anywhere when God would have you move on into all of His fullness that He has for you.

They came to Jordan and Elijah took his mantle and smote the waters. They divided; and Elijah and Elisha went over on dry ground. Elijah turned to Elisha and said in substance, “Look here, what do you want?” Elisha was wanting what he was going to have, and you may covet all that God says that you shall have. Elisha said, “I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me.” This was the plowboy, who had washed the hands of his master; but his spirit got so big that he purposed in his heart that, when Elijah stepped off the scene, he would be put into his place.

Elijah said, “Thou hast asked a hard thing: nevertheless, if thou see me when I am taken from thee, it shall be so unto thee.” May God help you never to stop persevering till you get what you want. Let your aspiration be large and your faith rise until you are wholly on fire for God’s best.

Onward they go, and as one steps, the other steps with him. He purposed to keep his eye on his master until the last. It took a chariot of fire and horses of fire to part them asunder, and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven. I can fancy I hear Elisha crying out, “Father Elijah, drop that mantle!” And it came down. Oh, I can see it lowering, lowering and lowering. Elisha took all of his own clothes and rent them in two pieces, and then he took up the mantle of Elijah. I do not believe that, when he put on that other mantle, he felt any difference in himself; but when he came to Jordan, he took the mantle of Elijah and smote the waters and said, “Where is the Lord God of Elijah?” And the waters parted and he went over on dry ground. And the sons of the prophets said, “The spirit of Elijah doth rest upon Elisha.”

It is like receiving a gift; you don’t know that you have it till you act in faith. Brothers and sisters, as you ask, BELIEVE.”