Hedging Your Prayer in Unbelief.

Hedging Your Prayer in Unbelief.

But there was no stopping him and he went on praying and there was not a particle of faith in anything he uttered. He did stop at last, and I said, “Brother Clark, it’s now your turn to pray.” He started, “Lord, answer the prayer of my brother and comfort me in this great bereavement and sorrow. PREPARE me to face this great trial.” I [Wigglesworth] cried out, “My God, stop this man.” The whole atmosphere was being charged with unbelief.

Smith Wigglesworth, Ever Increasing Faith.

This man’s prayer might sound like humility in its human sophistry and human philosophy, but it is in fact unbelief hedging itself in because he doubts God will grant the miracle being asked. Regarding life issues, Jesus never prayed like this. In fact, it is a command by Jesus for us to receive the very thing we pray for. Think? Did Jesus ever say to the blind, crippled, or dead, or demon possessed, “Lord help this person face their trail.” No. Nor did the prophets or disciples. Rather they asked for a fish and got a fish, a victory for a victory, a son for a son, a healing for a healing, forgiveness for forgiveness, and a sound mind for a sound mind.
The context of Jesus being “compassionate”, was not in that He asked the Father to help them deal with the trail; rather in context, He was compassionate to these people in that His prayers of help stopped the pain and and stopped the sickness and gave them victory over their trail. This is how the Scripture defined Jesus’ compassion.