Wielding Eschatology Power

“Since you seek a proof of Christ speaking in me, who is not weak toward you, but mighty in you.  For though He was crucified in weakness, yet He lives by the power of God. For we also are weak in Him, but we shall live with Him by the power of God toward you.”
2 Corinthians 13:3-4 NKJV

“I will give you all the proof you want that Christ speaks through me. Christ is not weak when he deals with you; he is powerful among you.  Although he was crucified in weakness, he now lives by the power of God. We, too, are weak, just as Christ was, but when we deal with you we will be alive with him and will have God’s power.”
2 Corinthians 13:3-4 NLT

We wield God’s power as our own. This is statement should not be a surprise to anyone, for God said this to Joshua. It is again said to us, when the N.T. quotes this passage to be moralized for our particular situations. Likewise, Paul says for us to put on God’s power as our own in Ephesians 6.

What is being said here is not directly about eschatology power, but it is so indirectly. Paul ministered to the Corinthians in weakness. However, due to the spiritual immaturity, the Corinthians are now taking in false apostles, because the false apostles are boasting about their power. Paul is now telling the Corinthians that when he comes he will not be “weak” but powerful, in order to correct them. If they respond to power, then Paull will give powerful correction and rebuke, in order to keep them from sinning.

The question is this, “where does this power that Paul will use come from”? Paul says that “AS” Jesus was weak, so are they. They are weak in how they freely give up their lives, and even rights, so that they might save as many as they can. Think of Colossians 1:24, “I am glad when I suffer for you in my body, for I am participating in the sufferings of Christ that continue for his body, the church.” However, there is more to it. It is by God’s “power” that Paul is able to be weak and suffer for the gospel. And again, this is only one side it. Paul able to wield God’s power for the sake of being powerful, as well. Since being weak backfired for Paul, he will be powerful and strong, in order to help the Corinthians stop their disobedience.

Now we get to the aspect of eschatology power. Paul says in the past tense as Jesus was weak, “they” (Paul and this ministry team, Timothy and Titus) emulate this as well in their ministry. They do it willingly, for the sake of the church. But then this idea of “as Christ is so are we” continues in the present future tense. Jesus is no longer dead, no longer weak. Jesus is at the right hand of God. He was raised by the endless power of life, by the Father (Eph. 1, Acts 2, Heb.10 (etc.)) and put above all powers and names. Paul says that we are now (present tense) seated with Christ (Eph. 2. Colo.3).  John in 1 John 4:17 says “as He is, so are we.”

What Paul is presupposing and saying here is this. He has accesses to the very power that God used to raise Christ from the grave and seated Him at His right hand in all power and authority. Paul is implying that he is able to grab the exalted Christ’s, right-hand-of-God, “Power,” anytime he so wishes. The argument is that in Christ, he (and we ) are already created in and part of Jesus Christ, who is reigning at God’s right hand, right now!  Illustration: consider God’s power like Zeus’ thunder bolt. Because God identifies us with Christ, who is reigning in power, by right and the will of God, God therefore considers us as the same with Christ. Paul is able to march to the throne of God, in front of God, in front of Jesus, in front of the angels and other powers, and walk to God’s thunder bolt leaning against His throne, and simply pick it up, as if it is Paul’s and walk back down to earth and use it as his discretion. Would Zeus ever allow this? I will not answer this for you. But in Christ, the Father as given us this right, authority and child of God privilege.

Something similar happened in Acts 4: 25-31, when the Apostles asked, in context of Jesus sitting at God’s right hand, for Psalm 2 to be moralized for them in the uses of healings and judgment miracles against the government. God gave them His thunder bolt and approved of their wanting eschatology power to rain down from Christ’s throne power.

This is Paul’s eschatology. It is being able to use God’s power as our own, for our joy  and the advancement of the Kingdom of God upon the earth. God wants you to know this. He wants you to yield your pride and false humanity and feelings, and to start to believe who you really are in Christ Jesus, who sits at the right hand of the Power. We are already in Him. God wants you to know that He identifies you with Jesus. He wants you to know that He is happy for you to march into heaven and grab His power and wield it as a true child of God. He wants you to know that He wants this so much for you, that He did not spare His Son from horrific death in order to give you this authority and power. Yield to the only starting point for knowledge; yield to God’s Word and believe.