Christian Epistemology

From Systematic Theology Book:

1. Epistemology:
1.2. First Principle, God’s Revelation.
1.3. Nature of God’s Revelation.
1.4. Self-authenticating First Principle.
1.5. Defective Starting Points.


From Other Books:


Recent Epistemology Posts

  • Timelessness: - Time is a measure of change. Without any change, in any degree, there is nothing to measure, and if there is nothing to measure, then the concept of time is meaningless and nonsense.
  • Faith, The First Theology: “God did Say?” - This of course is foolishness to them, because they seek a human starting point, not a God starting point.
  • 1. & 1.2 Epistemology (Book) - This from my forthcoming book: Systematic Theology.  These are the first two chapters on Epistemology (first draft). 
  • God Rekindles Smoldering Wicks - The Bible teaches the root cause is a non-relevant issue.   What is important is faith in God's word that is able to be victorious over demons, defective bodies and broken minds. God’s victory is a whole victory. He is the God of the hills and valleys.