Ready to be Withdrawn at your Pleasure

CHRISTIAN: many of my friends and family are dead from sickness and I’ve been dearly sick 8 times this year, Don’t Tell me God doesn’t have plan for my life with all this suffering I’ve been through. Sola Christ

PAUL: Maybe God trying to kill you? Stop sinning (Corin. 11:29-30)

Oh course this is dealing with extreme examples, so that when dealing with sickness and death it should defaulted to Satan and the fall. ACTS 10:38.

God minsters healing not sickness for His chosen ones. As in the example of the man sleeping with his stepmother, God through Paul can temporarily hand them over to Satan, for bodily destruction (sickness), to reawaken them to only seek God and not the world. It is Satan who minsters this sickness not God. For the elect, God minsters the benefits of the atonement, which is forgiveness, healing, comfort, protection and prosperity. Even in the example of the Father pruning the branches (John 15), the Father only removes unfruitful branches, He does not minster or give us unfruitful branches. Jesus only ministers the life-giving sap.

This is a foundational issue for faith. The atonement is already accomplished. The title deed to the benefits are already yours. Assenting to the finished aspect and assenting to the truth that these blessings are already deposited into your account, and that you want to experience benefit ‘x’ or ‘y’ today, is how you experience them today.

Forgiveness, healing, prosperity, and all kinds of helps, are not something you don’t have and then beg God to give them to you. You already have them. Faith is God empowering you to see them already in your bank account, ready to be withdrawn at your pleasure.