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The More Wishes, the More the Kingdom of God Grows

In the movie, The Neverending Story, the protagonist asks, “how many wishes does he get to make?” The princess tells him, “As many as you like, and the more you make the better fantasia gets.”

Jesus tells us, commands us and almost seems to beg us to ask whatever we wish and it will be given to us. He says this 4-5 times in the discourse John records in 14-16.

The protagonist starts to ask for wishes, because it gives him full joy and happiness. Jesus tells us the same. He says to ask so that our joy might be “partially full,” I am sorry, “completely full.” If asking whatever you “wish” for the purpose to be full of joy, is not the definition of a “wish,” then I doubt any definition would.

The princess says more wishes makes fantasia better; it glorifies or values fantasia. Jesus says that by asking whatever we wish it “glorifies” or that is, values the Father. It expands the kingdom of God and values the one who rules it. It was by faith and miracles the Kingdom advanced in the book of Acts. To get our wishes for healing, prosperity, casting out demons and various miracle expanded the kingdom, and destroyed the kingdom of Satan. It is the same today. The more wishes, the more the Kingdom grows. You cannot wish too much or too large, because the value of God’s kingdom is worthy of a trillion wishes as big as the sky.

In the movie, people stop dreaming and wishing. In fact, the servant of the darkness, his mission was to encourage this and kill the hero who was trying to inspire a boy to make a wish. In real life, people stop having faith and stop asking. It is Satan and his servants’ goal to encourage this unbelief and silent lips. The Holy Spirit is to encourage you to know how long, wide, deep and high the Father’s love is, so that you might ask and then God grant your wishes exceedingly beyond what you think or ask. This is why there was so much extra baskets left over, in the feeding of the 5000.  More asking, then the more the kingdom of God grows; yet, this assumes professing Christians actually want the kingdom to expand more than their expanding waistlines. The more answered wishes, the more joy grows in His disciples (Jesus thinks this is important), the more the Father is valued, the more unbelievers see miracles and cry out to God for salvation, and the more demons scream as they shrink back as the devil’s kingdom diminishes.

Jesus also said, by asking whatever we wish, it will cause us to personally bear more fruit. This fruit of granted wishes, will endure for eternity, and glorify the Father. Our fulfilled wishes makes us productive in the Kingdom of God.

Lastly, Jesus goes so far as to say that our fulfilled wishes proves we are authentic disciples of His kingdom. If you cannot get your wishes then you prove you are not part of His kingdom, because only a true child of God can ask from the Father and then the Father grant their child’s dream.